House of Restoration was established June 2001 and founded on the word of God in Rom15:1-2 We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves, empowering women to stand up for their individual freedom and honor,

Luz Olivera founded the House of Restoration Inc, with the sole purpose of desperately mending all the broken pieces of emotionally and physically abused women that she would come in contact with. As an abused woman herself she uses her own testimony and that of other women such as her daughters' to minister to each of the woman that come into her care. "The Lord saved me and withdrew me from that world of abuse; I could almost hear the cries of woman screaming for someone to come help them. I need to find each one of them."

Luz Olivera Her passion and desire is to help these broken women reach the feet of Jesus Christ to restore and lift their hearts so that they may see a brighter future for themselves and their families. As a house mom in a home that her church lend her to provide transitional living, she saw many women changed and transformed by the Love of God, and today they are back with their families and society. 

My name is Pedro Gomez and I am the Executive Director of House of Restoration, together with my wife Lucy Gomez we have embarked on a journey to see lives changed and restored through the Love of Jesus Christ. We are out of the four walls of the church doing the Great Commission and responding to the call in Isa. 6:8 "Who will go for us, here I am Lord send me!' We are the hands and feet of Christ to touch the hearts of the hurting, to hug those who are hopeless, to serve and feed those who are hungry, and save those who are lost by ministering the Gospel. And with the tools, resources, and donations that we receive from our donors, we are providing the needs for our community to be self-sufficient and to be empowered.  We collaborate with other churches, schools, agencies, and city to make a difference in our community so that God's Kingdom be established in our city and surrounding cities.  Our Passion is to be active in faith in our community, by supporting others vision, doing community events for residents and families of Elgin to be a part of, and working together with our city to be an answered prayer and solution to the problems we face. Amen.  

My name is Lucy Gomez and I am the Assistant Director of House Of Restoration, together with my husband we respond to the call of Christ in our lives, and the cries of a people who are going through difficult times and hardships. By providing food for the homeless through our mobile ministry on the streets of Elgin, a food pantry for the families, and furniture for those who don't have, we have seen lives touched, smiles on their faces, and a hope to live. Our Passion is to give back to our community, as a child I remember that there were nights that we didn't have anything to eat. My mom was a single mom raising her children alone working and making ends meet, but as a family we knew that with love we could all eat out of the same can. The memories I have are difficult to express, the abuse, the abandonment of a father, and growing up and promising myself that I would do better in life for my family. And when I encountered the Love of Jesus, and the Love of the Father my past was gone and I started living my life for Jesus. Today I am happily married, with my precious children who are my blessing, fulfilling God's purpose and living my mother's legacy.

I Love You Mom.    

Marti Olivera

Program Director 

Denise Gonzalez


Ana Perez                                   

Event Coordinator

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