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Community Outreaching


The goal of the pantry is to reach out to those in our communities who are in need and provide them with support to help them meet their personal needs, House of Restoration Community Outreach also Collaborates with churches, in our area to help our Community who are facing a hardship. “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Our Goal is to in-power them with resources.   Providing groceries and clothing for people in the community. Supplying the needs of hungry is one of our goals, of the food pantry. We also believe in empowering the community about hunger and collaborating with other resources that will help address basic human needs.  


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Community Outreaching


House of Restoration Community Outreach also helps out single mom's that come out of shelters and also those who have loss it all, Thank You for all of our Partners that provides Furniture and basic household items, to help out our communities and the families   that are beginning life anew.


Community Outreaching


Help us prevent Homeless in America.​

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As they get house we would love to continue to help them, in the process of transitioning from living in the streets to living and sleeping in a warm home. H.O.R.C.O, will come in with Furnished by Faith to be able to help with our resources. We are an Outreach Organization that meets the needs of the hurting and the forgotten, also we go out to feed and cloth the homeless, and take them warm items, and

being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. 

Below is a list of items you can donate to help us reach more of our forgotten friends,

Help us to provide items for the hurting  and the forgotten friends :

  • Cases of Water 

  • Socks

  • Gym shoes mostly for men size 8-12

  • Hygiene products (both for men and women)

  • blankets and pillows

  • Bibles

  • Hats, gloves, winter coats

  • Sweets

  • Coats, Hats, Gloves 

Community Outreaching


We're so grateful for all of our hard-working volunteers! We couldn't do this without YOU

If you'd like to help, contact us here (224)856-1214. However you can click on the contact page and email us your information. Click to Sign Up if you want to Volunteer your time at H.O.R.  We understand that in order for us to keep things moving we need volunteers. 


We can't do this without YOU!


We love our volunteer! Interested? Click below to fill out our form.

Thank you

Community Outreaching



If you’d like to help monetarily to cover fuel or any other specific needs that arise through this process, you can do that by clicking on the donation page. If you would love to Donate any Food, clothing, Furniture, Your Donations are tax deductible. We can’t do this without you! Choose to support our community and empower our neighbors to reach their full potential!


Call or click on Donation link TO SIGN UP FOR CHRISTmas Toy Give away.

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Community Outreaching

The emergency winter homeless shelter at First United Methodist Church in Elgin is run by House of Restoration Community Outreach, a nonprofit headed by Pedro & Lucy Gomez. The shelter will be open when it's 15 degrees or colder.  The shelter is open 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. when it's 15 degrees or below. Everyone is welcome, including those under the influence, but there will be a strict "no alcohol or drugs inside" policy, The emergency shelter can get nearly 50 people on a busy night, volunteers are needed to serve, We need more people -- especially men -- will sign up. The shelter also is in need of frozen soup & Chili, in one-pound gallon bags to be able to serve 60 people, coffee, juice, water, sweets, cleaning supplies and gloves, hats, coats, boots and hand warmers, People should call before dropping off donations at House of Restoration, 

Prov 19:17 Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.

"We love to be the hands and feet of Jesus and work with people," and we believe in treating people with love, dignity, and respect.


NOTE: Thank You to all the Volunteers that gave of their time, we are no longer running the E.W.S.

Do to not having the funds and Volunteers that we needed to continue. 

As of 01/10/2020

Thank you 

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